Portugal sixthday, Lisbon thirthday.

On 03,08,2015

I met up a Japanese couple in Lisbon and hung out together all the day. I met the husband in Japan when I joined the travel event once.

Suddenly, I got message from him and he said that they were traveling in Lisbon at same time as me and asked me if hang out with them.
So I was happy to say “Yes‼︎”

What a coincidence!!
Portugal is so nice country but it’s not so common to go to Portugal for Japanese compared to big country such as France, Spain.

But we happened to be traveling Portugal at same time.
I was really excited meeting them.

I headed for the station only by myself for the first time here.
But I didn’t find the station soon despite it’s just five minutes on foot.
Then, I asked a old woman passing and she told me to follow her using gesture.

Then, I followed her and kept walking…. But we didn’t  get there soon  despite it’s supposed to get there in five minutes!

So I was worried and asked her if she understand what I’m saying . And she just said “Si, Si”  She seemed not to understand English….

After walking with her for while, we arrived somewhere. it looked like supermarket…Surely it’s not station…we had came to the wrong way….
So I told her “Station! Train!!”many times using gesture.
Then,I came back the way I’ve already came and finally arrived in the station.

After I arrived in the station of purpose, I looked for the restaurant “station”where I was supposed to meet them.

The street of Lisbon

I asked a stuff of near cafe where the station was. But I couldn’t explain  so well that it’s not station of the train, it’s station of the restaurant! I had no choice but to repeat “station”

About twenty minutes later, I finally found the restaurant“station”and met them.
Then ,we went to the other restaurant which is famous for sardines.The name is Perola de Sao Paulo Grande Lisboa.
Seafood is really fresh and good here in Lisbon.

As the food here was really good and I couldn’t eat so much for a while to save money , I wolfed down the food. ※Unluckly, the sardin was sold out.

Besides the stuff here is really friendly! One of stuff joined us talking!!

We talked a lot excitedly about our travel experience appreciating good food!!

After lunch, we walked around Lisbon together. We went to see the Monastery Jeronimos which symbolizes the glory of age of discovery.

Inside of the Monastery
The Monastery Jeronimos
The monument of discovery

Then, we went to eat egg tarts. Egg tarts is one of special food in Portugal.
We went to the most famous restaurant for egg tarts. The name is “Pasteis de Belem

It’s said that the egg tarts here is best in Portugal.
As might be expected of the reputation, it’s super delicious!!! The cream is thick and mild and the tartlet dough is crispy!!

After that, we went to listen Portugal music “Fado” Listening Fado is must-do  thing to know about Portuguese culture.
There are many restaurant in Lisbon where we can listen Fado.
We can listen Fado which sound from somewhere just walking in the street. We were fascinated with the melody in the night.

The woman singing

The beautiful night in Lisbon

Portogul fifthday, Lisbon secondday, Sintra

On 02,08,2015
The host family Sandra took me to the cafe for breakfast. They told me that they have a breakfast in the cafe on Sunday. I enjoyed having a breakfast with them!
It’s one of good advantage of couchsurfing to have a meal together with host family.

After breakfast, I went to Sintra. It’s one of the town of Portugal.
There are many palaces and palatial houses here and there in Sintra. The beautiful townscape is designated as a unesco world heritage in 1995.
Sintra is also a town with rich nature. So it flourished as a summer resort of royal family, nobles many years ago.

The access to Sintra from Lisbon is very convenient! It takes just 40minutes by train.
So it’s popular for European as a sightseeing resort.

The street of Sintra

Usually, people see around here by bus as the spots dot here and there.
But as I wanted to save money, I decided to walk to the destination the castle Pena.

I kept walking sweating a lot for about an hour , while buses,motorbikes was passing me easily.

Anyway, I got to the castle Pena after long walking with expectation in seeing the pretty castle!
But I knew about unhappy thing after happy arrival.
The entrance fee was 14Euro!! Oh my goodness!! It’s too expensive for poor traveler!! It took me by surprise.

I gave up going inside unwillingly and started walking around.
It’s not so bad as this area is surround by rich greenery.
I found soon the happy side about this situation.

When I climbed up to the castle, I didn’t pay attention to the nature of Sintra so much as I was struggling to reach the destination.
However it suddenly began to attract to me, just at that moment I relaxed and decided to enjoy itself.

It’s not so important to spend money during traveling.
I can enjoy travel with small money by thinking well!!

I convinced myself who didn’t have much money of it.

The castle Pena

While walking, I could see the castle Pena from the distance and the beautiful townscape of Sintra.

I took the pictures and kept walking with feeling refreshed.

The other castle
The townview of Sinta

Then, I went home by train, metro and ferry. Besides I had to wait to get on the ferry more than an hour!
It’s tiring after long walking!
Although I could go home only by train directly, I chose this way purposely as I wanted to try unknown way as I was traveling!!

After I got to the terminal of Ferry, Sandra’s family came to pick me up.
I went home looking at the view from the window of the car on the way.

After I got to the terminal of Ferry, Sandra’s family came to pick me up.
I went home looking at the view from the window of the car on the way.


Portugal fourthday, Lisbon firstday


I moved to Lisbon from Porto.
As the flight time was 19:40 this time , I walked around the town of Porto until departure time .

I just walked around without particular destination following my heart.

It’s not so bad. I can discover new good place. It’s my secret place!

I appreciated many good view waking on the way.

and then I headed for the airport.

Funny statue! I found it in the garden of the museum
Lots of nature around here
The people exercising

I could see beautiful town scape here
Unknown small church
Cute flowers
Something dome-shaped

The church Carmo

Unluckily, the flight for Lisbon was delayed. So I worried if I could take the last train or not.
Anyway, I got to Lisbon a few hours later.

After that, an another obstacle confronted me. I didn’t know how to buy the ticket as the system of a ticket machine of Porto and Lisbon was different.
As I was panicked in front of machine, the guy waiting behind me helped me.
Then, finally I got a ticket to go to the destination!

Every time I move to somewhere by a transportation, the first obstacle is how to buy the ticket!!

He taught me not only how to buy the ticket but also took me halfway.
We got on the train together and talked a lot about travel.
As he love Portugal so much,he told me some recommended place in Portugal.
We were excited talking on the train!

When I parted with him halfway, it’s already 0:30 in the midnight. I had to find the station for train as soon as possible. This is third obstacle!
But I couldn’t find it soon. I went outside of the station and looked around.
There were little people there at that time. So I got panicked a little.

If I miss the last train, I might have to sleep in the station…It’s too scaring!!
So I stopped the car passing by me and asked him how to go to the station .
Then, finally I got to the station and got on the train!!

After that I asked the other passenger to lend me the cellphone to contact my host Sandra!
When I arrived in the station, It’s already 1:00 in the midnight. Already the date has changed.
Despite that, the host came to the station to pick me up. Then, I finally could sleep.


Portugal third day, Braga, the town of a prayer.

On 31,07,2015
I had to change the hostel again as the hostel I stayed last night was full. So I moved to the next hostel again carrying heavy luggages and sweating a lot. What a hard journey!!
As soon as I put the luggage in the hostel, I headed for the town Braga.
The stuff of the hostel I stayed last night recommended.
Braga isn’t so big town and not well known , nonetheless ,there are many historical architecture such as church . The oldest cathedral in Portugal is also situated here in Braga.
It flourished as a holy city representatives Portugal between medieval period and around 18century.

The gates of the old city
The street of the old city

When I arrived in Braga, there were little to see around there and I didn’t know where should I go.
Anyway, I bought just a bread and cheese in the supermarket and ate them in a cafe and satisfied my appetite just to explore. Unluckily as my bag was stolen in Spain, I had to survive with small money and had no choice so much to eat at this time.

In a meanwhile, I found a old city. There were many tasteful architectures.

Cathedral of the old city centered on Prada,There is the coffin of the former bishop inside. This is not luxuary,this is more quite and has a holy atmosphere.

We can find many churches everywhere in Braga.
Many cute houses, I like this place!

The square of Republican, This is developed as a park. Many people relax here.

As the Braga is small, we can see around in half a day. And we can  go to Braga in an about hour by bus or train from Porto. I recommend visiting here if you’d come to Porto. The quite and  tasteful atmosphere must fascinate you little by little.


Portugal second day, Porto second day

On 30,07,2015

After I woke up at 11 o’clock am in Gonzalo’s home,I took a shower and had a breakfast. Then, I left the home and went for a hostel.
It took 30 minutes on foot from his house. Besides I had a heavy carriage and it’s sunny day on the day. So it’s really hard journey. I searched the place using Google map walking.

I sweated a lot. So some passers-by were looking at me. But I kept on walking without caring about that situation.

After hard journey, I got to the hostel. I chose a mix dorm to save money.
As soon as I put the luggage, I went out to explore Porto.

Porto in daytime is also beautiful. I was excited while walking.
We don’t need to spend lots of money in the beautiful place. It’s enough to walk round the scenery.
I walked around the old city of Porto. It’s designated as a unesco world heritage.
The atmosphere of old European town still remains there. It’s the stage of the Japanese movie “majyonotakkyuubin

↑ the architecture over there is The Clerigos church                                It’s a symbol of the city.  We can see the town view of Porto from the tower.

↑ Inside of the church

↑ Old Europian houses

While walking, I found a shop with people making a line. I entered the shop although I had to pay 3Euro only to enter. I couldn’t hold back curiosity!!

It’s the most beautiful book shop “Livraria Lello e Irmao

It’s said that the author of Halley potter got a inspiration from this book shop. The interior design made me feel that I was in the world of Hally potter.

As I was kept walking, I came to the riverside of  Douro river.  The surrounding area is named the district of Ribeira.There was lots of restaurants and cafes along the river.

I found a restaurant I had been yesterday there and the woman I met in the restaurant was standing in front of it and smiled and waved her hand to me. It made me happier and I waved and smiled back.

The music of Fado sounded from the distance walking along the river. Fado is ethnic music of Portugal.
It’s really comfortable and got me fascinated.

Then, I went to Don Luis I bridge . It connects the center of porto with the old city。The form was really beautiful and attracting!

I walked on the bride. The view of porto from the bridge was  breathtaking!!
All of people who were looking the view looked happy. Definitely,It’s most beautiful view in Porto.

↓This arch shape is really impressive!

↓This is the most besutiful Macdonald in Porto


Portugal first day, Porto first day.


I moved to Porto of Portugal from Spain. This time, as the flight was so early , I had a lunch with the hosts Ruben and Virginia. After that,they saw me off in the door and I parted with them.

This time, the host I was supposed to stay in Porto canceled suddenly. But I couldn’t tell them about that. So I had searched the other host so hard.
But I couldn’t find soon as Porto isn’t so big city. So I was worried about that although I told them that everything is Ok! But it’s not Ok…I don’t have place to stay.. I don’t have much money…

I sent lots of request in couchsurfing to find a host all the time on the way to Porto although it’s not so good to send many requests in couchsurfing.
I couldn’t relaxed on the train at all.

But when I had started to give up, a message came.
It said that she couldn’t put me up as she put the other traveler up,but she asked her friend to put me up.
Finally miracle happened at the last minutes!!!

After I arrived in the station, the friend came to pick me up and he took me a riverside restaurant. There were the woman who contacted me in couchsurfing and the other traveler who stayed in her house.
We four had a dinner together there.

The traveler is from Danish.He seemed to travel a lot. He told us about the routes of pilgrimage. It’s a holly place of Christianity and the routes to go from France to Spain only by walking.
I sounded really hard. But I want to try someday!!

And then we went for winetasting. I tried Porto Wine. It’s sweet and delicious!! Then, I got drunk a little as I was tired at that time.

We hung out almost all the night. The night view of Porto was too beautiful to stop looking around and I took my breath away in spite of myself. Definitely, Porto is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

When I noticed, it’s 3 o’clock am!! I almost slept as I was tired and i drunk wine.
But the time was really precious!
I went to Gosalo’s home and slept like a log.


Osaka, Zuoheikyoku Sakuranotoorinuke, Kemasakuramomiyakouen

There is a famous walking course for cherry blossom viewing in Osaka.
It’s the course along the O river from the upper stream Kemaaraizeki to the downstream Tenma.

It’s called Kemasakuranomiya Park. It’s ranked 4th in Osaka as a spot for cherry blossom viewing.

We can see some building of the begging of Meiji era such as Zouheikyoku on the right bank. And we can see the avenue which got dyed into Sakura color and the beautiful view of the river.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures while walking there. I went there in the night at first.
The sakura in the night is even more beautiful. The sakura illuminated, the houseboat going down the river, and the people having a party on the boat.
It’s a special view of the riverside.

We sit there and grabbed some snack and drink on the way appreciating the beautiful view of Sakura. Many people spend their time there until late in the night.

Then, we walked to Osaka castle. The castle illuminated was really beautiful!! I took many pictures.

And then, we walked the place called Zouheikyoku Sakurano Toorinuke. It’s also famous for cherry blossom viewing.There is many food stand there. So I was drawn by the smell. So we can enjoy not only seeing sakura but also eating many food here!!

Next day, we went to Zouheikyoku Sakurano Toorinuke again in the daytime.
It’s also crowded with many people. There are various kind of Sakura! Each of them is really beautiful!! I took many picture pushing through the crowd.
Many people was taking a picture in front of favorite sakura!!

This time, I enjoyed both Sakura in the night and daytime. As both of them is really beautiful, it’s difficult to tell which is better.
But definitely, It’s good choice to come here for cherry blossom viewing!!