Portogul fifthday, Lisbon secondday, Sintra

On 02,08,2015
The host family Sandra took me to the cafe for breakfast. They told me that they have a breakfast in the cafe on Sunday. I enjoyed having a breakfast with them!
It’s one of good advantage of couchsurfing to have a meal together with host family.

After breakfast, I went to Sintra. It’s one of the town of Portugal.
There are many palaces and palatial houses here and there in Sintra. The beautiful townscape is designated as a unesco world heritage in 1995.
Sintra is also a town with rich nature. So it flourished as a summer resort of royal family, nobles many years ago.

The access to Sintra from Lisbon is very convenient! It takes just 40minutes by train.
So it’s popular for European as a sightseeing resort.

The street of Sintra

Usually, people see around here by bus as the spots dot here and there.
But as I wanted to save money, I decided to walk to the destination the castle Pena.

I kept walking sweating a lot for about an hour , while buses,motorbikes was passing me easily.

Anyway, I got to the castle Pena after long walking with expectation in seeing the pretty castle!
But I knew about unhappy thing after happy arrival.
The entrance fee was 14Euro!! Oh my goodness!! It’s too expensive for poor traveler!! It took me by surprise.

I gave up going inside unwillingly and started walking around.
It’s not so bad as this area is surround by rich greenery.
I found soon the happy side about this situation.

When I climbed up to the castle, I didn’t pay attention to the nature of Sintra so much as I was struggling to reach the destination.
However it suddenly began to attract to me, just at that moment I relaxed and decided to enjoy itself.

It’s not so important to spend money during traveling.
I can enjoy travel with small money by thinking well!!

I convinced myself who didn’t have much money of it.

The castle Pena

While walking, I could see the castle Pena from the distance and the beautiful townscape of Sintra.

I took the pictures and kept walking with feeling refreshed.

The other castle
The townview of Sinta

Then, I went home by train, metro and ferry. Besides I had to wait to get on the ferry more than an hour!
It’s tiring after long walking!
Although I could go home only by train directly, I chose this way purposely as I wanted to try unknown way as I was traveling!!

After I got to the terminal of Ferry, Sandra’s family came to pick me up.
I went home looking at the view from the window of the car on the way.

After I got to the terminal of Ferry, Sandra’s family came to pick me up.
I went home looking at the view from the window of the car on the way.


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