Portugal fourthday, Lisbon firstday


I moved to Lisbon from Porto.
As the flight time was 19:40 this time , I walked around the town of Porto until departure time .

I just walked around without particular destination following my heart.

It’s not so bad. I can discover new good place. It’s my secret place!

I appreciated many good view waking on the way.

and then I headed for the airport.

Funny statue! I found it in the garden of the museum
Lots of nature around here
The people exercising

I could see beautiful town scape here
Unknown small church
Cute flowers
Something dome-shaped

The church Carmo

Unluckily, the flight for Lisbon was delayed. So I worried if I could take the last train or not.
Anyway, I got to Lisbon a few hours later.

After that, an another obstacle confronted me. I didn’t know how to buy the ticket as the system of a ticket machine of Porto and Lisbon was different.
As I was panicked in front of machine, the guy waiting behind me helped me.
Then, finally I got a ticket to go to the destination!

Every time I move to somewhere by a transportation, the first obstacle is how to buy the ticket!!

He taught me not only how to buy the ticket but also took me halfway.
We got on the train together and talked a lot about travel.
As he love Portugal so much,he told me some recommended place in Portugal.
We were excited talking on the train!

When I parted with him halfway, it’s already 0:30 in the midnight. I had to find the station for train as soon as possible. This is third obstacle!
But I couldn’t find it soon. I went outside of the station and looked around.
There were little people there at that time. So I got panicked a little.

If I miss the last train, I might have to sleep in the station…It’s too scaring!!
So I stopped the car passing by me and asked him how to go to the station .
Then, finally I got to the station and got on the train!!

After that I asked the other passenger to lend me the cellphone to contact my host Sandra!
When I arrived in the station, It’s already 1:00 in the midnight. Already the date has changed.
Despite that, the host came to the station to pick me up. Then, I finally could sleep.


One thought on “Portugal fourthday, Lisbon firstday

  1. What a blessing ~~ the Lord speaking to your heart. You have brought me joy too just hearing that you felt the presence of HIM.God Bless You Today & Always ~MlciehePearl 13.1

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