Portugal second day, Porto second day

On 30,07,2015

After I woke up at 11 o’clock am in Gonzalo’s home,I took a shower and had a breakfast. Then, I left the home and went for a hostel.
It took 30 minutes on foot from his house. Besides I had a heavy carriage and it’s sunny day on the day. So it’s really hard journey. I searched the place using Google map walking.

I sweated a lot. So some passers-by were looking at me. But I kept on walking without caring about that situation.

After hard journey, I got to the hostel. I chose a mix dorm to save money.
As soon as I put the luggage, I went out to explore Porto.

Porto in daytime is also beautiful. I was excited while walking.
We don’t need to spend lots of money in the beautiful place. It’s enough to walk round the scenery.
I walked around the old city of Porto. It’s designated as a unesco world heritage.
The atmosphere of old European town still remains there. It’s the stage of the Japanese movie “majyonotakkyuubin

↑ the architecture over there is The Clerigos church                                It’s a symbol of the city.  We can see the town view of Porto from the tower.

↑ Inside of the church

↑ Old Europian houses

While walking, I found a shop with people making a line. I entered the shop although I had to pay 3Euro only to enter. I couldn’t hold back curiosity!!

It’s the most beautiful book shop “Livraria Lello e Irmao

It’s said that the author of Halley potter got a inspiration from this book shop. The interior design made me feel that I was in the world of Hally potter.

As I was kept walking, I came to the riverside of  Douro river.  The surrounding area is named the district of Ribeira.There was lots of restaurants and cafes along the river.

I found a restaurant I had been yesterday there and the woman I met in the restaurant was standing in front of it and smiled and waved her hand to me. It made me happier and I waved and smiled back.

The music of Fado sounded from the distance walking along the river. Fado is ethnic music of Portugal.
It’s really comfortable and got me fascinated.

Then, I went to Don Luis I bridge . It connects the center of porto with the old city。The form was really beautiful and attracting!

I walked on the bride. The view of porto from the bridge was  breathtaking!!
All of people who were looking the view looked happy. Definitely,It’s most beautiful view in Porto.

↓This arch shape is really impressive!

↓This is the most besutiful Macdonald in Porto


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