Dubai second day, Bastakiya, Souk

As t’s really hot today as well, I stay inside until 16:00 and left home.
It’s around 40degrees and boiling hot outside even in the evening.
I sweated a lot and tired of 10 minuites walking for the station.

I went to Bastakiya where old town atmosphere remains. It’s really small area, we can walk around in about an hour. The government maintains there and there is about 60 buildings which have been used from mid 19c to 40 years ago.

And then, I went to Dubai museum , Grand mosque and Hindu temple.
We can see the exhibitions about Dubai history ,such as how’s the sulk like, how’s the life of people in dessert and Oasis in the museum.

Grand mosque is the largest mosque in Dubai as the name suggests, It’s gorgeous both inside and outside.

And then i went to the near market. It’s bustled with many people and tout here. I was talked many times by touts while walking.

After that, I came to boarding point and got on the small boat “Abra” and got over to the other side of the place. Abra connects old cities, Deira district and Bur Dubai district which in both bank of the old creek.
It’s just five minuites voyage and the cost is just about 30yen in Japanese.

I walked a spice market, gold souk and perfume souk there. There are little souk where we can buy everything in Dubai, Normally the souk of Dubai specializes in one product.
I looked around the souks one by one. I was surprised by big and gorgeous gold jewelry in gold souk.

After I walked around souks , I got over to the other side again and went to Dubai mall and went home. It’s bustled with many people in Dubai mall this day as well.


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