Dubai first day, fountain show in Dubai mall


I came to Dubai from Jordan. Almost all stuff of the airport wore Arabic white outfit there. So I felt that I came to Arabic world!!!

When I came out of the airport, I was really surprised by how hot it was outside.Its 47degrees!! It’s the hottest degrees I’ve ever experienced.As I couldn’t wait outside, I waited my host in Dubai inside.
For a while later, he came to pick me up. I saw many palm trees looking out of the window of the car. And the buildings are modern and big!!
Not surprisedly, It’s much different from Jordan I’ve stayed the day before.
After I got to the home, I was relieved to feel cooler as the air conditioner hit me.
I heard that the bill of water and electricity is really cheap in Dubai. Because it’s really hot here. It’s sometimes exceed 50 degrees in summer.

And I met Indian and Egyptian roommates. I ate food the Indian roommate cooked. And I took a rest a few hours.
Normally, people don’t go outside and take a rest inside until night in Dubai especially in summer because of hotness.

When night fell, the host Prashanth drove me for sightseeing. The night view of Dubai was really gorgeous!! I saw the highest building in the world “BuRj khalifa” and a super gorgeous and expensive hotel where we have to pay 90 Euro only to sit at a table while riding on the car.

And then we went to the biggest shopping mall in the world named“Dubai mall
Despite it’s already past 8o’clock at that time, it was really crowded with people in the mall. Besides it’s holiday at that time in Dubai. I saw many Arabic people wear Arabic outfit here. It made me excited just to see those local people.
There are an aquarium and a skating rink and every brand shops in this mall.

After that, we went to the fountain show. It’s the longest fountain in the world. Everything is number one in the world here in Dubai.
Although I was really overwhelmed by so many people and hotness, I enjoyed the fountain show. It was dancing elegantly to the sound of the music.

And then,we had a dinner in the restaurant in front of the big aquarium. The name is
Cheesecake factory” I was excited by the gorgeous atmosphere and delicious looking food here. Actually, the food was super delicious!!

After the nice dinner, we drove home appreciating the gorgeous view of Dubai.


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