Jordan third day, Dead sea

on 16.07.2015
I moved to another host ‘s house. I sometimes stayed in the house only one day and moved to another house in couchsurfing depend on their schedule.
Next host came to pick me up to near house I stayed at that time in the morning.
I met his family, his wife and so cute children. They are Spanish.
They gave me breakfast and talked to them. Talking to host is one of interesting thing in couchsurfing.

After that. I went to a tour of dead sea. Dead sea is one of most popular place in middle east. People named Dead sea because creatures can’t live there due to high salt concentration.

As I joined a tour of private car,the driver sometimes stopped the car and made me take a picture and explained about the place. I can see many scene I’ve never seen before on the way, beautiful mountains, local people wearing Arabic clothes.


A while later, I saw a board of Dead sea. There were no people there at that time.

I wore a swim wear and went into Dead sea.

The water of Dead sea was warm and moisture. I felt it made my skin smooth. I floated in the sea. It’s as if in the hot spring. I found many a mass of salt in the sea and scooped it up by the handful. It’s shining and beautiful!!
Then, I put on the face pack with the mud which is found in Dead sea. It seems that Cleopatra polished up her beauty with this mud.

After Dead sea, I went to a small town named Madava.It’s famous for Mosaic. Many mosaic of Roma era was discovered there.
I went into a Arabic cafe there. The picture of King was displayed there on the wall. The picture of King is displayed in many places in Jordan.

After that , we started to go back for home.
I could sea sun setting behind the mountains and dead sea beyond that on the way. It was shining redly beautifully. As it’s so breathtaking that I was moved to tears and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Driving furthermore, I saw local people live in the tent, a flop of goats,small mosque and so on. And then, people waved their hands to me.

After I went home, the host family took me Ice cream shop. The atmosphere of near their home and that of the place I saw on the way is much different. I felt so after I came back.

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