Jordan second day, Roma theater, Citadel, Jordan museum


I walked around Amman. I left home 7:30 in the morning with host Elham.
I went for Mecca mall which is the biggest shopping mall in Amman. But it didn’t open yet as it’s too early.
So I went for down town and went to a market.
There are many Taxi here in Jordan and the fee is cheap. So it’s easy to move around the city.
It seemed that there were no foreigners in the market. So I stood out there and I felt that people were looking at me.

After the market, I went to Jordan museum.

We can see excavated articrafts which was discovered in Petra heritage.
Then, I went to a Roma theater which is semicircular theater built in ancient Roma era.

It was built around the Roma empire from Spain to middle east.
As I saw some tourists-like people here, I was relieved a little.

After that, I entered the restaurant to have a lunch. It’s Arabic&Italian restaurant. I liked the interiors of the Arabic design.The stuff was really friendly and talked to me and gave Chai tea for free.

After the lunch, one of stuff drove me citadel. It’s also known as Amman castle.
Here, we can see around Amman and Roma theater as well. It’s famous observatory in Amman. There was a little museum and a group of tourists inside.

Then, we went to rainbow street. There were many nice cafes, restaurants here. It’s fashionable street in Amman. Although almost all shops were closed because of Ramadan, I enjoyed seeing the sophisticated street.

After that, I went to Mecca mall. The mall was really and there are many luxury shops.
I felt that I almost forgot to stay in Jordan in this big mall.

Then I went home. Elham gave me soup her friend cooked and showed me pictures of her travel. We talked about travel. There are many travel lovers in the world. We can connect each other anytime through travel topic.


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