Turkey last day, Princess Island


I went to Princess Island. It takes about an hour to go from Istanbul. It’s the place where prices was confined here many years ago. Now it’s popular resort to relax for turists.
This plan to go to Princess Island came to my mind in the morning on the day when I passed by the Ferry terminal as I was just attracted to the name“Princess”

The Island was so beautiful that I thought that it’s worthy of the name. Nice restaurant, shining sea, people relaxing in the beach.
I rode on a carriage and looked around the Island. I sometimes passed with the other carriages on the way. People greeted me while I was riding horse. What a friendly people they are!!
I sometimes pulled the reins by myself. And I stopped in the place with good view and I stopped by the cafe with good view of sea. The view is really beautiful!!

When I looked around riding the carriage, I had a lunch in the seaside restaurant. I had a delicious fish admiring beautiful view of Marmara sea although a seagull came formed the window suddenly and devoured my fish and made it mess up a little…
Many stuff came to talk to me one after another. So I enjoyed not only the meal but also conversation. They gave me a Turkish coffee and dessert for free!! It’s so delicious!

After I enjoyed the Island, I got on the ferry again. I met Iraqi who is a layer. He talked to me about Iraq and showed me pictures of the place he lives. It’s beautiful and differents from the image of Iraq in Japan. Then, I asked if Iraq is dangerous and he said that it’s not dangerous, really beautiful place, Iraq is.
So I thought that the there were difference between the reality and the image and we need to know the truth with our own eyes.

After I went home, I had a dinner with Otkur and Estella. What a happy time, this was!!


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