Turkey seventh day, Cappadocia last day Guzelyurt


I went to Kaymakli which is a underground city. Although its a little far of Goreme I stay, I decided to go there by myself alone.
I really wanted to go there after I knew the place.
As its first time to go somewhere by bus alone since I came to Cappadocia,my heart was a little pounding, but it’s good pounding!!

There are many underground city in Cappadocia. Above all, Kaymakli is big one.
There were many people in front of me in the cave.

There are churches, school, and pantries and wineries and lots of room inside. It’s thought that 20000people’ve lived there back then. I was surprised to know that many people’ve lived in the cave.

The inside of the underground city was too narrow to pass through smoothly. Beside its cold inside. But these hard condition aroused my adventurous spirits.

After Kaymakli, I went to the town“Guzelyurt
According to the website, it’s also one of must visit place in Cappadocia.
But it’s really complicated to go there!! So sometimes I thought I should go back or not.
I could go halfway through by bus smoothly. But I had no choice to go there but taxi.
The bus driver stopped a taxi before he asked me. I asked the fee nervously. It’s 100 in Turkish lira. It’s about 3000yen in Japanese yen. Its really painful for me!! I already paid lots of money for the balloon riding!! But I can’t come here again only for Guzelyurt if I missed this opportunity.
So I withdrew money in ATM and we headed for Guzelyurt.

The driver explained to me driving about the scenery like “That’s a mountain named 〜”in Turkish English. We went through the Turkish magnificent view.
In the meanwhile, we arrived in Guzelyurt. There were little turists but me as the access isn’t good.
And it’s a different atmosphere with Goreme. It’s more historical and local atmosphere. I saw local people riding a donkey riding a taxi.

Anyway, there are many underground city here. The guide explained to me about the cave. “This is a toilet, this is a water reservoir”and so on.
The underground city in here is much more complicated inside than one in Kaymakli. So it’s really difficult to pass through. We passed through the darkness shining the flashlight on. There is a church inside and Fresco is drawn on the wall.

After I looked around the underground city, I went to Monastery valley. The view here was really beautiful.
Then, we went back to Goreme again.


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