Turkey nighth day, Galata tower, Mackrerel sandwiches

I walked around new city in Istanbul. There are Europian side and Asian side in Istanbul and furthermore, there is old city and new city in Europian side.
I went for the central place of new city and walked the Istiklal street. It’s the biggest bustling street in Istanbul. There are nice many boutiques and department stores,good restaurants here. It’s very bustling street.


While walking, I found a Galata tower. We can see a full view of Istanbul here.

Whenever the media overseas introduce Istanbul, they use the view from Galata tower for shooting. It’s one of the most popular place in new city.


After Galata tower, I came in front of the sea. There were some markets on the ships and people was cooking there.
I ordered a mackerel sandwiches. It’s the sandwiches which a grilled mackerel and fresh vegetable was put between the breads with juicy lemon source . It’s a special product here in Istanbul.
I have eaten a chicken sandwiches right before that, nevertheless,I wolfed down it as I was moving around everyday and it’s super delicious!!

After that, I looked around the bazar, mosque. And then I took a rest in the cafe where we could see a view of sea and mosque in front of the eyes.

Then, I came back to home. Estella gave me cuisine made of Artichoke. Artichoke is a French vegetable. It’s one of good point to have a roommate to be able to know the other culture in a country.


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