Turkey eigthday, Go back to Istanbul from Cappadocia


I was supposed to go back to Istanbul from Cappadocia. So I had to wake up really early in the morning. Maybe it’s at around 4 o’clock. But I was too exhausted to wake up on time.

Then, my host called me and said that the shuttle bus came!! I jumped out of the bed and prepared in 5 minuites and left the home.

All of the passengers but me were already on the bus. I tried to closed the door in a hurry. At that time, I got one leg caught in the door!!
“Pain!!!!”I shouted in spite of myself.

Anyway, I was managed to arrive in the airport safely? Then, I came back to Istanbul again. Here, I was supposed to stay in the other host Otkur’s home and the roommate come to pick me up half way.
I went for the station and met the roommate Estella and got to the next host ‘s home.

After I arrived in the home, she explained to me about the room and gave me food. And then I slept like a log.

A while later, I went out to buy something to eat. I met otkur on the way to go back to home from the supermarket. Then we went back together and talked a lot about my experience as usual.

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