Turkey sixthday, Cappadocia third day, Balloon riding experience


I joined a tour of balloon. The fare of the tour was more expensive than I expected.But I can’t leave Cappadocia without riding on a balloon.
I woke up 4:30 in the morning and went for the place. There were already many people and many balloon were flying in the sky.
The balloon start to fly into the sky one after another.
When the fire put on our baloon, my heart beat. The balloon was stabler than I expected and comfortable.
We could view Cappadocia all around, Rose valley, The town of Goreme from the sky.
It’s such a incredible view that I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

↑ I got a certificance!!

After the balloon riding , I went to the castle of Uchisar. It’s built between BC16c-BC1180 to protect from the attack. Here, we can feel as if we are in the world of Ghibli.

↑The view from Uchisar castle

After the castle and taking a nap in home, I went to the town “Pasabagi
We can see one after another rocks in the shape of mashroom. I took a bus and was walking on the road for Pasabagi. At that time, the turkey family riding in the car came closer to me and offered to give me a ride to Pasabagi. As it’s so hot outside and I was tired, It’s so helpful!!
I think this won’t happen so much in Japan. We tend to scared of unknown people,of course, although it’s important to be careful of uncertainness.
Anyway, I was excited as I could experience hichhihiking for the first time in my life.

After I arrived in Pasabagi, I walked around for a while. AsI looked below iintentionally, I saw a small shop and firm and a old guy was waving his hand to me.

Then, I went down there. He said that he run his own firm and sell the product made of the fruits grow in the firm.
He showed me around the firm and gave me some fruits picked in the firm and made me tea made of the fruits.
We talked for a while drinking a tea. I felt peaceful time.


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