Turkey fifth day, Cappadocia second day, Rose valley


New roommate came to the host’s home.He wore dreadlocks and tatto.
It’s typical Brazilian!! Just in my opinion.
We went to Goreme museum together.
We can see Rock hewn churches there who was build by christians. They fled the persecution and settled in Cappadocia and built them.
The coloful frescos are drawn in the interior of the churches.

↑This is Goreme museum.

Fresco, Link  Timothy Neesam

There were some camels for tourists!! I took a picture with them. I got a little nervous riding on the shoulder…But I was happy to ride!

We took a rest in the cafe on the way.

After that, we headed for the rose valley. Rose valley is pink valley of rocks.
It’s one of most popular place in Cappadocia.
On the way,we met French and Argentinean and they joined us. We explored together,looking into the caves, passing through tunnels.

At around that time, My host texted me and she said that as the other roommate ‘ll come, please stay in the home.
So I parted with them and I started to come back the way with a couple of Australian and Italian I met on the way.
After I went home, I met new roommate, Canadian girl.
Then I had a lunch with her and the couple I met on the way.
I met many people around the world exploring Cappadocia today.


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