Turkey, second day, Kadikoy


I went to Kadikoy which is in Asian side of Istanbul. When I arrived in the station of Kadikoy,there was a sea in the presence and many ships were at anchor there.

There were less tourists and it’s smaller compared to Europian side. But there were many turkish restaurants and cafes stand by stand and people sell food I’ve ever seen in the street. It’s kind of a old town of istanbul.
I went into the restaurant named Ciya Sofrasi.According to the website, it’s one of most famous restaurant in Istanbul. I ordered some food the stuff recommended.

It’s new taste for me! Tasting new food is one of fun in travel. I also tasted turkish coffee in the cafe.
Apart from tasting, I walked around the town looking many shops all the day.

For a while later , I got back to home, I met host in Istanbul for the first time.
And then she took me and the other roommate Eva beach. She seems to go to dance Tango every week . I watched many people dancing Tango to the music and some people laid a sheet and enjoyed talkIng and watching Dance.  Somehow they looked really happy and enjoy their life.
After we watched Tango,the other Hungarian roommates cooked dinner and we had a dinner in balcony together.

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