Turkey, Istanbul, First day


I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning and prepared quickly to go for Turkey from Greece. Then I went to the metro station carrying heavy luggage and then, I got on the plane and was arrived in Turkey.

My host in Istanbul, Duygu was supposed to be home at around 18:00 .  Until then, I  decided to walk around by myself.

Then, I went for metro station but I didn’t understand how to buy a ticket and which line should I take. Anyway, I got on the metro with my gut!

In the result,  I met turkish man in the metro and he showed me around the old city of Isatanbul.

I saw Blue Mosque there which is most famous artitecture in Istanbul.Its highlight of travel in Istanbul. Speaking of Istanbul, almost all people ‘ll imagine this mosque.

And then, I saw the cathedral, Aya Sofia. It’s really close to Blue mosque.

And Basilica Cistem.

This is a large reservoir made in east Roma era by the order of the emperor Constantine. Mainly, it’s used as a court and commercial activities.

photo credit: Fèlix González

photo credit: Medusa via photopin (license)

and I walked around Rose garden. This is a place of relaxation for local people. There were many flower blooming in the garden . Peaceful atmosphere!!

And then ,I had a tea in the cafe with with nice view. I could view both Europian side and Asian side of Turkey drinking a turkish tea.I had a Turkish tea for the first time at that time. It heard that Turkish people consume a tea the most in the world.

After walking around Old city, I went for the nearest station to go to host’s home. Although it’s hard to move with heavy luggage,many Turkish people helped me carry my luggage and got to the taxi stand and took a taxi.

The taxi driver didn’t know the address I showed. So he asked passerby the place many times.I got lost with the taxi driver…

But finally, I arrived in the place. But I didn’t know where her room was exactly. So I was at a loss in front of the door…

At just that time, a resident upstairs came to me and tried to open the door and knock the room instead of me. But nobody was there. So I borrowed the phone and contacted her to ask how can I go into the room.
She said that she couldn’t get back to home soon as her friend was in trouble and she had to help him and there were three roommates other than me in her room , but they wouldn’t get back until around 21:00. So I had to wait until then to enter the room.
It’s 19:40 at that time. I couldn’t go to a cafe with heavy luggage.So I decided to wait until then in front of the door…
At just that time again , the resident who have talked to me earlier came down stairs to me and offered me to wait in  their room until the roommates come back.

For this reason, I entered the other room where I wasn’t supposed to enter and I joined the other family.

They welcomed me warmly and gave me  Turkish sweets and made me tea. We communicated each other through the translation function and translation of the member who can speak English.

They were fasting until sunset because of it’s Ramadan at that time. So they didn’t eat for a while although I was eating food they gave us.It’s interesting to see the culture of Ramadan as I’ve never see that.

After a while , my roommates came to pick me up. So I left their room and could enter the room I was supposed to stay.

The roommates are Hungarian couples. Its first time to have roommate in couchsurfing and meet Hungarian. So I was excited a little about that.
And the first day in Turkish ended.



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