Greece, last day

On 03,07,2015

Last day in Santrini, I walked along the beach and had a breakfast in a cafe beachside until departure.


Then, I got on the car and went for the port to go back to Athens. The ferry I was supposed to take was late about an half and hour.  It’s greek time..

Anyway, finally,  I was arrived in Pireous port at past 20 o’clock . I hurried to get on the Metro as I was supposed to meet my last host in Greece, Marina.


I tried contacting her sometimes on the way as I was late. But I couldn’t connect to wifi there ,so I got off the train halfway and looked for a cafe to get wifi and asked the stuff if I can use wifi there and the shuff put the password in my cellar phone and finally , I could contact to her.

A while later, I met her . She came to the station pick me up.She hugged me and landed my luggage into her car and we  went to her house. She gave me a light meal and we talked a little.As she seemed really nice, it’s a little shame that I couldn’t talk to her more..

Then, I finished the last day in Greece.

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