Greece,fourth day and fifth day,Santrini Island

On 01,07,2015

I got back to Athens 5,30 in the morning. After I took a shower, I went out and walked around Athens and went to travel agency to go to Santrini island next day.

I slept in 20,00 and I could sleep so well for the first time in a while.


On 02,07,2015

I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and went to Pireous port to go to Santrini Island. There were many ferry there.  It’s so crowded with many tourists.

After I boarded the ferry,I got a seasick as it shaked strongly and I almost vomited many times on the ferry.It was killing me…

Anyway, I arrived in Santrini island. Many touting was waiting us in the port to get us to stay in their accommodation . The man came closer to me and showed the picture of the room and started explaining to me about his hotel. He repeated many times“ it’s close to beach!!“

The room was so cute and near beach and  I couldn’t resist against his pushing. So I decided to stay there.

I got on his car and went for the hotel. I could see a spectacular view of Aegean sea on the way. It made me forget fatigue and hunger.

As soon as  I arrived there, I was going to go for Fira which is the central town of Santrini Island . It’s famous for the view of the white buildings and blue roofs like we see it on the postcard. But I realized that Fira was really far from this hotel.It’s not walking distance!

Somehow ,I misunderstood that the hotel was close to Fira when I was explained.

I  can’t  go to Fira from the hotel on foot. Besides the time in Santrini is limited. So I  harried to look for the bus stop.
And I asked the passerby riding a moterbike about the bus stop.He said to me“ Sit” pointing at his motorbike and took me to the bus stop.

But the bus didn’t come at all while waiting… So I asked people who was waiting in the bus stop like me about when  the bus come. And they said to me that it’s just late, it’’s Greek time.

A while later, finally the bus came closer to the bus stop we’ve been waiting. But somehow ,it passed by us.

The next bus was supposed to come at 17:30. I can’t wait until that time. So I suggested to them to go to Fira with me by taxi and share the fee.
But they said that they weren’t  hurry and turned down my offer and also said that I can find another bus to go to Fira and it comes every twenty minuites .

Then,I tried to go to the bus stop by myself asking passerby the way , but it’s difficult for me. Besides it’s too hot here to walk!!

So I had no choice but to take a taxi alone although it’s  expensive.

Anyway, I was arrived in Fira at past 15:30.
As I was very hungry,  I had a lunch as soon as I found a restaurant and started walking the island.

There were single tourists there more than I expected. It made me somewhat relieved. While walking, I saw the spectacular scene I saw on the guidebook. It was so beautiful that  I was really happy to come here .

I went into a souvenir shop, And the stuff talked to me and he invited me to have a coffee.So we had a dinner and walked together in this Island. The  night view of Santrini was so beautiful !!

After walking around , I went for the bus stop to get back to the hotel.  But I didn’t know where should I get off the bus to go back.

Anyway, I went off the bus when the driver said so. But I didn’t know where my hotel was in the place. I got lost…Besides there were little people around there.

So I wandered around there and then I found a couples who seemed to get in trouble and I talked to them . They said to me that they booked a hotel,however, as nobody is in the reception, they can’t enter and wanted to stay in my hotel if it’s available.

For this reason, we began to look for same hotel together . We asked many people the way and sometimes searched on the internet on the way . We walked a lot in the midnight looking for the place to sleep. I saw some people spending in the bar of the beachside while walking. It’s really peaceful atmosphere.

I don’t remember how many hours we have been walking. But after long walking, we could find my hotel and take a rest and the day ended.


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