Greece, third day, Meteora


I went to Meteora which is a abbey stands on the cliff. It’s designated as a unescorted world heritage. Monks of christian say a prayer to approach God in the abbey. My host drove me to the nearest bus station to go to Meteora in the morning.

I was sleeping like a log on the bus until the bus got to Kalambaka which is the town of Meteora. Because I was really exhausted at that time.

Actually I still felt a little nervous to go a long way by my self. Some people think that I won’t fear anything and get nervous at all to travel alone, Nevertheless, I felt sometimes nervous and couldn’t keep on being positive. But I had to move ahead. So I just move ahead.

photo credit: bill anderson

Anyway, I got on the bus. Upbeat music was playing on the bus. It made me excited and made me feel that I m traveling around the world now!! I ll go to Meteora by myself!!

Maybe about five hours later, the bus got to Kalambaka. As soon as I arrived there, I was impressed by many huge fantastically shaped rocks spread out behind the town.

photo credit: jcmejia_acera

photo credit: txikita69

And then, I went to travel agency and I applied for the tour of Meteora as I didn’t know how to walk around Meteora.

I walked around the town and went to National history museum until the tour started. I saw stuffed animals there. I killed my time there although it’s not so big. The stuff of the museum talked to me curiously , “Where are you from?“ and so on. For them, asian person may be uncommon here in Kalambaka.

Meanwhile, the time of the tour had come, we looked around Meteora one by another. Its so magnificent that I released the shutter so many times. Even when I m exhausted, I can’t resist against strong curiosity.

photo credit: ro.sander

photo credit: jahapaula

After finishing the tour, I had a dinner in Kalambaka. The person of the restaurant gave me some fruits and talked to me. It seemed that I was outstanding there as I’m single traveler.

When I was about to go to bus stop after dinner, I got lost. I didn’t know which way is which at all.Because It’s already dark outside. So the person of the restaurant took me there. It’s already past 11 o’clock.

And I got on the bus and I slept like a log until it got to Athens.



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