Greece, second day. Kerameikos

On 29.06.2015

I went to the heritage named Kerameikos. This is one of Athenian heritage. We can see ancient cemetery here.

This is much smaller than Acropolis and not so famous. I just came here as I could visit here using common pass.

There wasn’t so many tourist here  it’s minor place. But sometimes I like discovering minor and unknown place.

Processed with MOLDIV

↑ There are many scripture here

I looked around the heritage feeling ancient wind.Processed with MOLDIV

After I looked around, I had a dinner and went back to home. On the way to go back home, I saw many people outside despite it’s already night. Children playing in the Park, woman taking the dog  for a walk. It’s really peaceful! So I asked my host if Athens is dangerous or not. And he said “ It’s not dengarous here, it’s safe!“

Some people said to me that Greece is dangerous. But for me, it seems different depend on the place. The first impression wasn’t good here. But It changed later. Some people helped me. For example, a woman took me there halfway through when I asked the way, friendly stuffs in the cafe. Those experience made me happier.

Some people may be against this kind of opinion ,Nevertheless,  I want to recommend to people that travel without prejudice although needless to say, we have to be careful.


Life shows only a little scenery to the people who don’t try to take a risk travel unknow place and move ahead by Sidney Poitier


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