Greece, first day Acropolis


I arrived in Greece after the flight of four hours. This country didn’t make good impression to me at first. Because, when I talked to some people here, the attitude was not good.

Almost all passersby was rush, frown and looked angry. The air in Greece was really negative.Maybe it’s related to the economic situation at that time.

I knew that the situation in here at that time was really tough. Nevertheless, I wanted to come to Greece at that time. Because, when I wanted to visit all of the countries I’ve wanted to visit in life as I decided this travel to change my life.  Time fly. If I wait, I may not be able to come to here forever. That’s reason I couldn’t wait.

Anyway, I pulled myself together and  I walked around the district named Plaka. It’s at the foot of Acropolis and it still has atomosephere of old town . As expected, it’s bustling with lots of tourists and much hotter than Finland!!!

photo credit: tjabeljan

photo credit: Katrinitsa

But I used the last bit of energy and walked around and climbed up to the hill of Acropolis. There is a sanctuary  named Parthenon which was built in ancient time here. I think that speaking of Athens, almost all people imagine this artitecture. photo credit: guillenperez

photo credit: ginavd

When I see the view of Athens from the hill, I was really impressed by the spectacular view. It’s incredible!!

photo credit: Davey6585

After that,  I entered the Acropolis museum. It has articrafts which was discovered in the archaeological dig  of Acropolis.

photo credit: jurvetson

photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

But I couldn’t resist sleeping halfway through the museum.Some people think that why  I travel so hard like this and say to me that I should  take my time and travel easily.

But even though I prepared completely and I was going to travel easily, travel wasn’t go well as I expected. Sometimes it becomes tough. Nevertheless ,I don’t want to give up going there. It’s my personality.

I looked around the museum taking a rest.

Meanwhile, the evening had come. I looked around Plaka looking into souvenir shops and eating food.

When I was sitting in the square, the man having many bracelets came close to me and forced me to wear them. So I resisted strongly and I rushed and  went to the station to meet host in Greece.

Anyway I went host ‘s home safely and the first day in Greece finished.


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