The change of my life through a blog

More than one month passed since I’ve started writing a blog. So I’ll show you some changes through writing a blog


1,Cast away negative feeling, Get positive feeling in my mind

While wiring a blog, I concentrate on it all the time. So even though  the day was a little tough, I can forget about that after wiring a blog.

Besides, the story of my blog is positive one. So by writing a blog, I can make my feeling  positive and by sharing it, I can make the other’s positive.

Words is so powerful, it has power not only in speaking but also in writing.

2,The ability to imagine, think, and write improve.

When I write a blog, I follow these steps below.

StepI,I consider what I write about and bring back many memories to write

StepII,I consider how describe these thoughs and put thoughts together in my mind little by little.

StepIII, Start writing a blog

It’s not only time consuming but also brain consuming! But in the  process, something brilliant happen in our brain!!

Accrding to the story of Ted talk I watched recently, the more we use our brain, the better  our brain is.Like this, some ability improve through a blog

3, It makes me confident to go on doing something, in other word, being gritty for something.

According to the book I read recently, the more we grit for something, the more we can be confident and feel happy.So hang in there!


4, I can know who I am.

To write a blog, I have to take a look of my self deeply and I put my thought my together as mentioned above. By doing that, Who I am and what I want will be clear little by little

5, Self respect become stronger

When I share  a blog, I can get some reaction from the other people. To get reaction from someone makes my self respect stronger. Because I ,not only me, all of us can make ourself confident , more or less ,by reaction of someone

6, I can be more knowledgeable

I often look up in the internet to write a blog.  In the process, I can come across unexpected information. For example, Recently I found that  there were many groups for blogger in the internet and we can share information each other . I can be more knowledgeable by these information

7, It makes my life more fulfill

By writing a blog, I can make my life passionate. It  doesn’t not apply only to blog, it also apply to anything. Starting something new give our life , more or less, fulfillment.

The more I write, the stronger  passion of writing a blog become storonger

The more stronger the passion become, the more fulfill our life become


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