My happy project


Everyone want to be happy.Some people are happy,the others are not. The reason is the difference of their attitude. When some unexpected thing happens in our life and make us depressed, some people just complain the situation and will be under the impression that life is full of sadness.

It’s normal reaction almost all people do. Yes, I know that sometimes, sadness occurs to us and it’s unavoiding. In this case, we compared our life to the other’s and think life isn’t fair. Yes, I know it’s true that life is full of unfairness. I experienced many times these thing.

But I think that  we can change the situation only if we believe and take action. Nevertheless, some people never try change the situation despite they never be satisfied with it.Why? Because they fear change. When we try to change something,we  experience some temporary pain and we start thinking that what we did wasn’t right and we are worried how react the other people are .  But It’s just temporary pain and what’s the other people say isn’t true. Real truth is what comes from our own heart.

Some people may try to console us and we can receive sympathy when we feel down and we may be able to feel happiness by getting attention from the other people and we can also console ourself not only by material stuff such as lots of clothes, cars ,houses but also by eating a lot , drinking a lot. Yes, there are lots of thing we can do to heal our sprits.

But all of these are fake happiness and  temporary. Then, where is genuine happiness? It comes  from our own action and  attitude, not from other people and material stuff. We have to rely on ourself to get genuine happiness.

It’s may sound hard to do that. Yes, it’s not easy. But genuine happiness permanent once we build it. It’s not temporary!

Some years ago, I realized the truth and decided to create my own genuine happiness even if it may take time and risk. Because I realized that nothing do is more risky than taking action and try for something.

This is My Happy Project.

The list below is my action I try to do in my happy project.  By starting these project , some difference may happen  in our life. But it’s good difference!! It works well in my case. So I hope it works in your case as well.

So, be brave and start Happy project!!


1,Choose your friendship

If we could get along with everyone, it would be nice. Some people think that they have to get along with everyone and have a tendency to blame who can’t do it. But it’s impossible. When you force yourself to get along with everyone, you have to give up being yourself. In the end, you’ll be depressed.

Beside sadly , some people may treat you badly.If you meet these people, you don’t need to make a effort to get along with them. Just keep distance and run way to protect ourself. Otherwise, they may make us sick.

So choose your friendship where you can open your heart and can be faithful to your self and can be healthier both in physical and mental.


2,Believe your intuition

I’m not superstitious person. But since I start believing my intuition, thing has changed. It works not only in big decision such as world travel, but also  in daily decision, what’s should I do, who should I meet where should I go at that time.  The intuition is a compass inside us which  always lead us.


3, Reading books

According to the research, we can reduce our stress the most by reading books.If we read a book only six minutes, we can reduce two third of the stress, It effects much better than  listening music, doing exercise.


4,Listening music and hum

Although, I wrote that reading book is much better than listening music,  the power of music is also wonderful. I listen music in the morning and night , all the time, whenever I can play music. Sometimes I hum the song to myself even when I’m tired. Then, the nervousness flies way. By doing this, I can get into the happy person. The habit of being a happy person will be a part of you soon.


5,Sleep and  get up early

The quality of sleep is related to our happiness deeply . To sleep well, we have to get up and sleep early. Yes, it’s not easy to sleep and get up regularly for the first time. But once we  start it and keep doing that, It’ll be our part of life. Then, the quality of our life will be improved and we can be much happier.


6,Write a thank you note even if it’s small thing

I started writing thank you note recently. To be thankful for what we already have is one of best way to be happy.  It already written on many books. If we try it, we can find many blessing even if it’s small thing.  But we tend to forget it and take many things for granted. So I decided to write a thank you note so not to forget it.Since I start writing a thank you note, I feel happier.


7,Imagine only happy experience before sleep

No matte how hard we try to control our feelings, it’s not so easy to control it completely. I know well from my experience. But be careful of the thoughts before you sleep, it seeps into your subconscious deeply and makes our future. So I always imagine only happy experience before sleep so I can feel happily.


8,Step out of the door and do something

It’s  difficult to be happy staying inside all the time, even for me. Yes, sometimes, we sometimes need to stay inside and alone to rethink of ourself. But for me, almost all happiness comes from being open minded  to world outside such as to  join new community and meet new people., By being involved in outer world,we expand our vision and grow up and feel happier.


9,Treat yourself, it’s enrich your life.

I never recommend to just spend money a lot whatever it is.Maintaining money is important. But don’t stick too much to just collect money.!  It makes our life boring. I spend money to enrich our life,  to eat good food, to read book, to travel. These investment will be rewarded and enrich our life in the end.


10,Speak positive words aloud even when you feel down

Words have a power. Even though we  aren’t meant to do that, our brain listen our words and try to make what we said into reality. So speak positive words , not only to yourself,but also to other people. Because our brain can’t tell whether it’s said to you or other people. The more you speak positive word, the more your life become positive one.


11, Write a blog

Writing a blog is one of good way to know who we are, what we want to do. By writing a blog, we  can collect my thoughts. Besides, by writing a blog, we can influence people and attract people who have same perspective as us and we can share experience with those people. We’ll be amazed to know how much we are influential each other.


12, Smile to people

The quickest and the most effective way to be happy is to smile to people. No one doesn’t like smile. I feel happy when someone smile to me. So I try to smile to people. It makes not only people happy, but also make ourself happy. Besides it’s free!!


2 thoughts on “My happy project

  1. I really like this article. I do think it is possible to control your emotional state most of the time, but there are also times in life when being happy is not appropriate or desirable. Sometimes sanders, frustration, anger or boredom create the necessary state for action and creativity. I think it’s more important to be aware of our emotional states and use them, rather than trying to suppress or control them.


    • Thank you for reading and comment! Im glad that you like my article. Yes, it’s important and possible to control our emotion although it’s really difficult. On the other hand, as you said,negativity such as anger, frustration motivate us to take an action. By the way, I changed the URL of the blog to Pls check this next time!


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