Finland〜Nuuksio national park, Kulttuuri sauna


I went to Nuuksio national park which also used in the movie and I met Japanese tourist here as well. Almost all of Japanese visit Helsinki might come for  Kamome shokudou.I felt so. I walked around the park remembering the scene of Kamome shokudou and went back to Helsinki.

After I went back to Helsinki, I walked to the Etela port .Its also the location of the movie. I wanted to visit as many location of Kamome shokudou as I can in Finland. There was a market there and they were selling lots of Salmon and the fur of reindeer and the other staff  which is so Finland. At that day, the sky was really beautiful blue and in the sky, there were many seagull flying and  there were beautiful Europian artitecture and nice market. Its so good view that  I can spend time there all the day enjoying  the view.

And then, I walked along the sea ,feeling the northern wind and  I climbed up to the hill on the way and saw the marvelous view of  Baltic sea from the hill. It’s so beautiful that I took breath away in spite of myself.

After that, I went back to home and met Taina and she took me Sauna she recommend. The name  is Kulttuuri sauna. We could see Baltic sea from the Sauna. The orner of this sauna is Japanese.

After I healed the tiredness of the travel in Sauna,we went to Finnish restaurant she recommend . It’s first time to eat finnish cuisine. I ate a white fish caught in the lake of Finland and Salmon soup. My stomach was  full of Finnnish food.

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