Finland 〜Santa Claus Villege Rovaniemi ,Old city Porvo

0n 21.06.2015

About eight hours later, I arrived in Helsinki, Finland. It’s first time to visit North Europe. As soon as I got out of the airport, I thought that it’s cold!! I came to North Europe! The coldness made me feel so even more strongly.

Then,  I took a bus to go to the city and sent message to my friends and said that I arrived in Finland! It’s  exciting to send a message to my friend in Japan while traveling abroad. I felt a sense of superiority a little to friends who live a routine life.

In the meanwhile,  The bus arrived in the city of Helsinki. I left  my big luggage in a coin locker and walked around the city. At that time, I realized that my luggage was too many and heavy to carry around while traveling . But it’s too late! So I imagined that this journey would be heavy one….

I saw Helsinki cathedral. The square in front of this is famous for the place of relaxation. This looks it floats in the sky.

After I walked around the city, I came back to the station again and I went for Rovaniemi by a sleeper train.

As the room of the sleeper train was really small, I didn’t feel comfortable so much. But the situation touched the heart of a traveler.  Rovaniemi is famous for Santa Claus Villege. It’s one of dream to meet Santa Claus in Finland.  It’s written on the bucket list I wrote when I was in Japan. Although I don’t think that life would change even though I meet Santa Claus , anyway ,I wanted to do as many thing as I could on the bucket list during this traveling.

The villege was smaller than expected. However,I came here in Rovaniemi on my own to fulfill my dream. I could be proud of myself about that. Because travel is journey , not destination. Even though the dream I’ve been dreamed of was different from what  I expected , I never regret the journey as I could be excited in the process, I could dream of dream.


I went back to Helsinki and I went to Porvo soon by bus . It’s a little busy travel. But I can’t help doing it soon once I come up with something .

Porvo is the second oldest town in Finland. The beautiful townscape made my heart beat with exciting and made me forget how  tired I was . I think old town is the most beautiful place wherever I go. We usually would like to do new thing on the one hand, but at the same time , we sometimes would like to do old thing in our life.

I tried the meat of reindeer here  as it’s must eat food in Finland and then I went back to Helsinki again.

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