Finland〜First meeting with host of couchsurfing and Moomin world, Naantali

On 23.06.2015

After I came back to Helsinki,I was supposed to meet the host of couchsurfing. As it’s first time to meet host in this travel and my life as well, I couldn’t help being excited to meet her although we already contacted each other when I was in Japan.

At that time, I didn’t have foreign friends and didn’t have opportuniy to interact with foreign people so much although I sometimes saw foreign people in daily life.

Despite the situation, I decided to use couchsurfing and stay in local people’s home alone .
When I met the host Taina, she looked excited to see me.She might have thought the same as me about visitor from foreign country. After we met, she took me her home. Her home was really nice as I saw it on her profile of the couchsurfing and I was excited to came to the place .

She offered some food and drink to me and we talked each other mainly about our life and then, the reason I decided this travel. She also talked about herself. She said to me that she used to suffer from depression. It’s a little unexpected thing for me to hear that. Because I imagined back then that Europian people, especially North Europian people are more positive and not so sensitive like us . So I thought that we had same sensitive soul and worries in our life despite our appearance is different. It’s really precious experience to visit foreign country and stay in their home and share our experience each other . I think that it’s one of good advantage to use couchsurfing ,not accommodation.
After dinner, she showed me around the city. I said to her that I wanted to go to the location of my favorite Japanese movie “Kamame Shokudou” Before I went for world travel, I saw this movie in Japan. Since then, it’s my best Japanese movie. There are some location of the movie in Helsinki although almost all of Finnnish don’t know this movie.

She took me the restaurant and the book shop used in the movie. There were many Japanese in the place as I expected. We had a coffee in the cafe with the bookshop used in the movie and went home.


I went to Moomin world in Naantali. I went to the station of tram.The tram is well developed here in Finland. So it’s  really convenient to move around the city. I met Japanese woman in the station and asked if this tram go to central station and she said that she also go to central by the tram.So we got on the tram together and talked on the tram. She said that she came to Finland for vacation.
After the journey of about three hours with tram and train, bus, finally I managed to arrive  in the Moomin world. There were many children there and I thought its not the place for adults. But anyway, I enjoyed the place by feeling as if I were a child and I could meet Moomin here. It’s really exciting to meet local character in the original place such as Santa claus.

After Moomin world, I went back to Helsinki and then I was supposed to go back to Taina’s home soon. But as I got lost, besides it was raining at that time, I was late almost an hour to go back to home despite its just fifteen minutes distance on foot.
After I went home, I went to Sauna installed in her apartment. In Finland, the Sauna is installed in almost of apartment.She talked  about culture of Finland in the Sauna. She said that almost all Finnish have their own cottage and go there on vacation with friends , family to relax. I imagined Finnish life listening her story in the Sauna.


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