When I was traveling around the world, many people recommended to me “Alchemist”It’s book written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.I got interested in the book.

And then Luckily,I  got this book when I was in Argentina.A Japanese guy I met had the book and gave it to me.

This is the book about shepherd.One day, he had a dream that a treasure was buried in the Pyramid.And he traveled from his homeland Spain to Egypt in search for it. On the way , some obstacles blocked his way and met person who used to dreamed a dream but gave up.

But in the end, he overcame many obstacles and found the treasure he search for.

In this story, We can learn some impressing lesson.

First, If we want something strongly, the universe help us to fulfill the dream

Second,we all have our own destiny naturally.But as we get older, we come to think it’s impossible.And we become the other people except us to be,not the person we want to be.

Almost all of us live a life like this in our society. Because they care about what other people think than what they really want to do. It’s sometimes heavy pressure.

I also used to care too much what the other person think about me. But I started to have doubts about what the other people said to me for some reason.Then I decided to go for travel and make sure the truth.

So for me ,this story is link to my story in life and some people said to me that your story is similar to Archemist.

Now I believe my self and have a faith in my way of living whatever the other people say to me.

Because I realized the truth like the shepherd in Archemist.

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