The travel event

I held a travel event this day for the first time. It has been one of my dream to hold a travel event. I couldn’t take a

courage to do that  for a while as I m not sure if I can speak well or not.

But finally I took a courage and decided to hold a event as my second challenge to change my life and grow up.

Maybe public speaking is one of what almost all people fear. I m not an exception either.

However, by doing what we fear, we can grow up and more confident. Its one of my belief.

This few years, I have lived this way, although sometimes I couldn’t do it so well.

I prepared for the event little by little believing that someday this action’ll lead my life to the dream.

Since I decided to hold a event, I talked about that to many people. Some people was influenced by the story.

On the day of the event, about 13 people came to my event to listen my story.

When I stood in front of them, honestly, I got nervous a little bit. But I had no choice but to do that.

I had to do my best to entertain them.So I tried to speak in a loud voice and confidently  as much as I can.

Because pretending to be confident is really important. So I said to myself that I m actress ,I m actress .

And I tried to make a eye contact during the speech to everyone.

After the speech, some friend came to me and said to me,“It’s great”I was happy to hear that.

And then, we talked each other having a dinner. At that time, they were smiling and looked so happy.

So I was really happy to seeing them smiling during the event. It made me satisfied.

After the event, some people sent me message and said to me that they enjoyed my event. It made me happy.

By taking action,I influenced people and made me happy.

Now I realized again that If we believe ourself and move forward with confidence, we can make a change in our

life. This day,my belief became stronger. I never forget this belief and keep the faith as long as I alive.

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