The impressing story ①Morrocco〜Spain

This is the story about when I go to Spain from Morroco. We can go to Granada of Spain from Chaouen of Morocco by bus and ferry. If thing goes well, we can get to Granada in a day. So I was supposed to arrive in Granada at that day.But I couldn’t. So I had to stop by the other city called Malaga on the way.

When I was on the bus for Granada, I realized that. So I needed someone’s help as the city is unknown place and I talked to

the person next to me. I talked to him about my situation and my travel experience such as the reason I decided to go for travel. He also showed me some pictures and we  talked each other.

I said that many people helped me during travel , so I pray for those people everytime I go to church. I ll pray for you next time as you helped me as well. After that, he seemed a little surprised and said “Really?”and I said “Yes, like this”and I put hands together as a sign of prayer.

After we arrived in Malaga, he took me restaurant and I had a dinner with his friends. As they were talking in Arabic, I couldn’t understand what they were talking.But it’s exciting to listen unknown language in unknown place.

Malaga has a different atomosphere from Barcelona and it’s also beautiful city.

After dinner, he helped me to look for the place to stay and paid the half of the fee.

In the morning,he saw me off to the bus stop. In the bus stop, he said to me that you should pray for your happiness than the other’s.And when  I was about to get on the bus, he put hands together for me I like I taught him.And then I parted with him. This is one of unforgettable memory in this travel. Although I might not meet him the rest of life, I never forget this meeting with him. Even though it’s small one,each of meeting  make the travel,life better like this. Because  every meeting has a meaning.

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