The beginning of dream

Last year,I traveled around the world by my self to change my life.Its just 6 months,but it’s most precious experience in my life.

Some people say that even though we travel, our life never change. But I think it’s meaningful to step out of comfort zone and do something new.

Even though it’s small step, what’s  called stepstone,If the stepstone piles up, someday, it’ll be the bridge for the dream.

I spent all of my saving for the travel and I focused all of my energy on the travel.

For the travel,I decided to use couchsurfing .I have two reason why I used couchsurfing .First of all, I wanted it to be different travel with the other one.

Second of all,I wanted to meet different people who affect me and expand my vision of the world. Because I have lived in limited world until then.

I couldn’t adapt myself to this situation.So I felt that I had to take action to change the situation. Because I thought that the situation ‘ll never change unless I take action. No one can involve in my life, No one can change my life but me.

For me, its more risky to do nothing than try for something.Then ,the  travel to change my life started.Its beginning of dream.
As a result,the travel changed my life, definitely, it turned the life around like miracle.I learned that if we believe ourself and do something,we can make a change, change our life.

After the world travel, I’ve worked in Malaysia and now Im in Japan.

And then, I made a speech about the travel and talked about my experience to many people.

Now I set my mind strongly on living in my own way not in the other people’s way.

The travel to change my life continue even now.


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